5 LGBTQ+ Artists You Need To Know by FRANCIS Wintour

The Kids are Fine

As a kid, I did not necessarily look for “queer artists” or “queer art”. However, I was fascinated by Nan Goldin’s dreamy pictures, Robert Mapplethorpe’s orchids and Pierre Molinier hypnotizing dark world. As you can’t separate an artist from his/her/its work, you could argue over the queerness of each of them, especially Molinier whose actual sexuality is subject to opinion. But I am much more interested in the transgressive quality of their work. Not only were they challenging society they were also transcending the boundaries of themselves. But it is 2018! There are new ideas we must upset and new borders to cross. Let’s take a look at 5 new young artists who are doing just that.

I'm one of 5 LGBTQ+ artists you need to know (who knew?!?). Link the image below for full article.