Secret Gay Box at the Tom of Finland Foundation

The second iteration of Secret Gay Box curated by John Wolf opens this Friday 12th October 6-9pm at the Tom of Finland Foundation and runs until November 12th. Delighted to once again be amongst some amazing artists. More info below.


“John Wolf Fine Art is both humbled and pleased to present ‘Secret Gay Box’ at the Tom of Finland Foundation. This show is not only incredibly personal to the curator, John Wolf, but also speaks to the secrecy of Tom of Finland’s early career in which homophobic censorship codes kept the artist’s work out of circulation. 
     Like Tracey Emin's My Bed , this ‘Secret Gay Box’ will encapsulate a moment in the life of an individual but rather than doing this through a single object or work, it will use a variety of works in different mediums from different times to create the ethos of adolescent formation; a time characterized by flux and uncertainty. It will be a powerful comment on the construction of identity through collected, foraged, sometimes fiercely protected influences.
     The essence of Tom of Finland's practice began in a similar and all-too-familiar closeted secret world. His identity hidden from his community and his artwork as self expression hidden in a box.
     This is how the show's curator, John Wolf, describes his childhood: being gay was a sin and a flaw, something only Jesus could change.  So as a child, the ability to read and explore his nascent sexuality was not only fearful but had to be hidden in a secret gay box.
     This exhibition will revive that box in a way that will be both personal and visceral for Wolf himself, and for the viewer.
     The ability to have a private world, and to collect, is ultimately what led Wolf to art world.”